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Construction Dumpster


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Call our friendly Waste Connections of Colorado Springs customer service representatives at 719-591-5000 to determine the size of dumpster or roll-off container necessary for your construction project.

For construction customers, there are several advantage to using a dumpster or roll-off container for trash collection services. Both dumpsters and roll-offs provide cost effective, hassle-free waste management for your Colorado Springs area job site – and they can be temporarily or permanently placed depending on your needs.

Dumpster Sizes Length Width Height Back
2 Yard Rear Load 5'3" 3' 3'5" Flat
3 Yard Rear Load 5'3" 3'8" 3'8" Flat
2 Yard Front Load 6'
3'2" 3'5" Flat
3 Yard Front Load 6'
3'5" 3'9" 4'8"
4 Yard Front Load
3'11" 4'3" 5'3"
6 Yard Front Load
5'11" 4'3" 5'8"
8 Yard Front Load
6' 6'10" 4'3" 6'4"

Safety Tips:

  • Containers should never be positioned underneath overhead power lines to avoid danger of electrocution or damages to vehicles.
  • Toxic, hazardous, liquids, or flammable materials are not allowed in the containers.
  • Do not overload the containers. If can is filled over the top, we cannot dump.
  • Containers can be placed on a driveway or concrete slab.
  • Keep children away from all containers.
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